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More than 800 live-acts around the world with 3 live formulas (Chillout and Ambient, Meditative and Healing, Ecstatic Yoga Psytrance), 6 albums, 4 maxi vinyls, 10 EP’s, more than 30 compilations...

ELEA is a French duo live-act, made up of Swann (vocalist, percussionist, flute, guitar, Tibetan bowls and gong player) and Ely Goa (vocalist and keyboard player). Their work  characterized by original and experimental compositions and live formulas since the late 90’s, they are both regarded as part of the pioneers in the fusion between Electronic and Ethnic music.


They play World music mixed with Ambient and Psytrance.  They present 3 types of live sets : Progressive and Psytrance, Ethno-Ambient, Meditation and Healing - ELEA In Zen.


They have released worldwide 6 albums, 4 maxi-vinyls, 10 EP’s and appear on more than 30 international compilations. With a mystical charisma on stage, they have captivated audiences in festivals and events all over the world (with more than 800 concerts) such as :

Boom Festival / PORTUGAL …. Sonica Dance Festival / ITALY ... PsyMind Festival – MONTREAL / CANADA …. Sticky Jam Festival - MOSCOW / RUSSIA .... Green Forest Festival – FLORIANOPOLIS / BRAZIL …. Festival de Osho - TARRAGONA / SPAIN … Freedom Festival / PORTUGAL … Festival MTV Aquasonic – IBIZA / SPAIN  …. Au Bar – NEW YORK / USA  …. Techno Parade’s Magic Garden – PARIS / FRANCE …. Funkadelika – TORINO / ITALY …. Carmacoma – AMSTERDAM / NETHERLANDS… Borealis – MONTPELLIER / FRANCE …. Onbody Festival - IBIZA / SPAIN ...








ELEA developed a Sound Healing Meditative and Ecstatic Yoga Trance live formula, ELEA In Zen.


Ely and Swann compose and perform concerts of meditation music, based on mantra chanting, overtone singing, meditative pads and shamanic instruments (anantar, Celtic harp, Himalayan bowls, planetary symphonic gongs, Balinese Suling flutes, Armenian duduk flute, tanpura, hang, tablas, meditation bells, kalimba, udu drum, tar drum, balafon, koshis carillons, rain stick…).


ELEA In Zen is the sound healing version of the duo ELEA (Ely Goa and Swann), Ethno-Ambient and Shamanic Yoga Trance live-act with 800 concerts worldwide, 6 albums and more than 30 compilation appearances.


The duo gives meditation concerts, with the meaning of helping audience to relax, meditate and connect with their inner peace and self-healing, through highly vibrating instruments and voices.


The concert can evoluate to Ecstatic Yoga Trance, with tribal and shamanic music, bringing the audience to dance joyfully.


ELEA In Zen latest live shows : (Osho Festival Tarragona, Tantra Festival Ibiza,  Onbody Festival Spain, Full Moon Trance Meditation Ibiza, Rasa Yoga Rive Gauche Paris, Friedenskappelle Münster…).


Ely Goa and Swann founded Zen and Sounds (Music Healing, Well-being and Meditation Retreats and Workshops -, where they develop their sound healing activities :

- Swann: gong bath, sound massage, live music on yoga sessions

- Ely : sound yoga, therapeutic singing, healing mantra chanting group workshops and individual sessions, guided relaxations


Swann became a certified sound therapist after training at the world renowned Peter Hess Academy in Belgium and the College of Sound Healing in the UK. He works with several symphonic gongs, as well as a large choice of Himalayan bowls (from Tibet, Nepal, Bhutan, India), and many other sacred/shamanic instruments. The gong bath and sound massages bring an intense well-being, restabilize the balance of energies, and regenerate the body’s natural defenses. More info...


Ely Goa conducts sound yoga workshops and individual sessions based on the singing of mantras, for which she has especially composed multi-voice melodies, based on the different notes and frequencies known to have a positive effect on our organs and our immune system. The composition of these melodies derives from the principles of traditional Chinese music therapy (musical acupuncture). She has also developed a breathing method to open the energetic channels of singing, based on sophrology visualizations and on the six Taoist healing sounds. Her goal is to bring people to discover the healing power of singing as well as the ecstatic pleasure of singing in harmony. More info...





Ely Goa (aka Sylvie Gorsse) and Swann (aka Stéphane Espaignet), founders of the French Electro-Ethnic duo ELEA, are both regarded as pioneers in the fusion between Electronic and Ethno music, working on original and experimental compositions and live formulas since the late 90’s.


At that time, they compose their first songs that will be released on their debut EP  in 1998 on vynil by Transmut, the label founded by Niktus, bass player, composer and producer in the famous fusion French band FFF.  In 1999, ELEA releases its first album, mastered by Alex Gopher.


After producing their second album, distributed in France and well relayed by the specialized medias, they found their record company Space Tepee Music, sign international contracts for physical and digital distribution. Since then, they have released for ELEA 6 albums, 4 maxi vynils and 10 EP’s, and appear on numerous international compilations.


With their label Space Tepee Music, Swann and Ely produce Ambient, Ethno and Trance albums for internationally recognized artists, such as : Inner-Ji (Bahramji, Swann and Ely Goa), Isaak Hypnotizer, Atlantis Concept (the project they founded with the Ambient French producer Cell), Sangit Sirus, Hideyo Blackmoon,. They also collaborate on common tracks and projects with all these artists.


They as well compile and produce international compilations such as the "Kumharas Ibiza" series, the "Villa Mercedes Lounge Ibiza" compilation and the "Tibet, a culture in danger" compilation.

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