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800 shows all around the planet... 
3 live formulas : Progressive and Psytrance, Ethno-Ambient, Meditative and Healing

More than 800 live-acts around the world with 3 live formulas (Progressive and Psytrance, Ethno-Ambient, Meditative and Healing), ELEA is a French duo live act, composed by Ely Goa (vocalist and keyboard player) and Swann (percussion, flute, Tibetan bowls and gong player).


With a scenic presence and exceptional energy, Swann, the cosmic pilot, with a background as drummer and percussionist, and Ely Goa, the ethereal diva, pianist and singer, complement each other as composers as well as on stage.

Their “recipe” lies in a subtle combination of organic sounds, ethnic colours, mixed with their electronic universe.


The duo is contantly experimenting with new technologies, bringing new ways to view music. They apply this in their different live formulas, with spectacular live effects of vocal transforming, punchy tribal percussion, as well as mystical parts of meditative Himalayan bowls and gongs and hypnotic mantra singings.


After tours in Russia, England, Netherlands, Canada, Germany, Brazil, USA, Spain, Portugal, Italy, France (more than 800 concerts), the group is known for its performances on the international scene. The on-stage strength of the duo makes it one of the rare electronic live-acts awesomely moving and effective before its audiences, and particularly creative and original at the same time.


More than 800 live concerts in festivals and clubs all around the world such as :


Boom Festival / PORTUGAL … Freedom Festival / PORTUGAL … Sonica Dance Festival / ITALY ... PsyMind Festival – MONTREAL / CANADA … Sticky Jam Festival - MOSCOW / RUSSIA … Ibiza Tantra Festival - IBIZA / SPAIN ... Green Forest Festival – FLORIANOPOLIS / BRAZIL … Festival de Osho - TARRAGONA / SPAIN … Festival MTV Aquasonic – IBIZA / SPAIN  … Au Bar – NEW YORK / USA  … Techno Parade’s Magic Garden – PARIS / FRANCE … Funkadelika – TORINO / ITALY … Carmacoma – AMSTERDAM / NETHERLANDS … Borealis – MONTPELLIER / FRANCE … Onbody Festival - IBIZA / SPAIN...

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