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ELEA developed a live formula for meditative music, ELEA In Zen, based on mantra singing, shamanic instruments (Himalayan bowls, planetary sacred gongs, meditation bells, tablas, balafon, flutes, tanpura) and meditative pads. They give concerts and animate meditation sessions (Ibi Tantra Festival, Osho Festival Spain, Onbody Festival Ibiza, Trance meditation Ibiza…), with the meaning of helping audience to relax and connect with their inner peace and self-healing. More info...





SWANN Sound Healer


Swann became a certified sound therapist after training at the world renowned Peter Hess Academy in Belgium and the College of Sound Healing in the UK. He works with several symphonic gongs, as well as a large choice of Himalayan bowls (from Tibet, Nepal, Bhutan, India), and many other sacred/shamanic instruments. The gong bath and sound massages bring an intense wellbeing, restabilize the balance of energies, and regenerate the body’s natural defenses. More info...





ELY GOA Healing vocalist


Ely Goa conducts workshops based on the singing of mantras, for which she has especially composed multi-voice melodies, based on the different notes and frequencies known to have a positive effect on our organs and our immune system. The composition of these melodies derives from the principles of traditional Chinese music therapy (musical acupuncture). She has also developed a breathing method to open the energetic channels of singing, based on sophrology visualizations and on the six Taoist healing sounds. Her goal is to bring people to discover the healing power of singing as well as the ecstatic pleasure of singing in harmony. More info..






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