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"Yatra (Vocal mix)" | from ELEA's upcoming new album "Oniros" | to be releas

Listen to "Yatra (Vocal mix)" :

Yatra... "Journey of light ... Between sitar - played by Amu Ahava - and progressive ambient pulse, Yatra, which means journey, takes us on a road of light, where voices call to dance and show us the path to take, towards India ..."

Sample from " Oniros ", new ELEA's album to be released on 15th Sept 2016, produced by Altar Records and Space Tepee Music.

ELEA is proud to announce the upcoming release of their new album "Oniros" in September 2016 (Altar Records / Space Tepee Music), which will be an ELEA-and-friends opus, including collaboration and featurings with artists such as : Hideyo Blackmoon, Sangit Sirus, Ismael Diallo, Amu Ahava, Trio Zephyr… Discover the mystical Ethno-Ambient universe of this new opus by the French duo...

ELEA new album "Oniros", to be released 20th September 2016

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